Reading Challenge Homework

In my last post about displays, I included a picture of a rather bare display board which will be used for completed Reading Challenge Homework. This is a quick post explaining what that will involve.


We want our students to read: regularly, widely and ideally for pleasure. With this in mind, our KS3 students will be set one main homework task throughout the year – to read for twenty minutes every day. We will be supporting this by guiding students about which books to read and by talking to them about their reading. I think it’s also important that we communicate with parents the expectation that their children read at home and we’ll give some guidance about having discussions about what they’re reading.

But, as the title of this post and my empty display board will attest, students will also be set reading challenges.  I have created a grid with a range of tasks that students can choose from. I’ve tried to include a variety of creative tasks that will encourage students to engage with their chosen text. The minimum requirement is that they complete one per half term but if they decide to complete more that would be fantastic.

Any feedback or suggestions for reading challenges would be gratefully received. I’ve never tried this before but I’m hopeful that the range of tasks on offer will give everybody the opportunity to do something they really enjoy and can engage with. If nothing else, I’m hopeful that completed challenge homework will spark discussions about different texts to read (I’ve a space on top of the bookshelves ready for cereal box book reports).

Here’s a link to the document:



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