I thought I’d create a post with a link to all of the fantastic contributions we’ve had so far to #BlogSyncEnglish. If you’re an English teacher and blogger we’d love you to get involved. Join in each month and share your post using the hash tag.

November – A letter to your NQT self

Letter to my NQT self by @HeadofEnglish

My First Year of Teaching by @shadylady222

A letter to my NQT self #blogsyncenglish by @brittwright22

A letter to my NQT self by @chrishildrew

September – Beginnings

On standardised reading tests and why pupils should take GCSEs in September by @davowillz

Beginnings by @jcoleman85

August – Favourite and Least Favourite Texts to Teach

‘Here she is in drag as, famously, Hamlet’ by @TLPMrsF

‘Evening of a hot day’ by @cmpercybook

#BlogSyncEnglish by @fod3

Favourite and least favourite texts to teach by @Miss_Aslan


Starter for Five

My contributions to Starter for Five (crowd-sourced advice for new teachers):


The Christmas Party

Building Relationships in Your NQT Year