Teaching poetry

#BlogSyncEnglish April ‘Teaching Poetry’ by John Coleman

Talking Teaching Trying

Poetry is important to me. As a writer, as a teacher, as a reader and listener. Life can be framed by the mundane or can be wonderfully exhibited before you in language shaped and crafted into meanings both intended and consequential.

Poetry is a mindset. You can look out the window and see the sea or you can watch the swarming waters clamber back and forth in the tempest of their endlessly repetitive march.

Our understanding of the world is still just the best version of the story that we know. If we start to limit the ways we can express that story and our ideas then we limit ourselves.

To all of the “why not just say it as it is” crowd – well in my opinion because a poem is often a better way to get across a concept than a piece of prose. Brooke’s ‘Peace’ tells us…

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