#PoetryPromise April

Inspired by Chris Hildrew, my #PoetryPromise for 2016 is to share a favourite poem of mine every month through my blog. #PoetryPromise is coordinated through Poetry by Heart with the aim of promoting and spreading the love of poetry. My choice for April is Thief by Brian Bilston (@brian_bilston).



You caught me stealing

a glance at you.


Ordered me

to empty out my pockets.


I shook my booty

onto the table:


a swiped charge card,

a nose I’d pinched,


one poached egg,

a ruler (half-inched),


a gaze I’d shifted,

some spirits lifted,


and other

stolen moments.


You told me

to stop thieving


and start behaving.


Fat chance.


I’ve even nicked myself


I have been following @brian_bilston on Twitter for a while now and I love reading the poetry produced by ‘the poet laureate of Twitter’. His work is clever and funny. Bilston employs a range of forms and I love how he plays around with language. If you don’t follow him already I recommend that you do.

I don’t read enough modern poetry and I’ve shared ‘Thief’ because I think it’s a great example of the kind of work Bilston produces and exemplifies how poetry being written now can be accessible, clever and entertaining. My favourite line, ‘I’ve even nicked myself shaving’ makes me smile every time.


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