On our Weekly Writing Challenges 2017-18


I’ve written before about our Weekly Writing Challenges here which were inspired by Chris Curits (@Xris32). We love them so much that we now have year 10 doing them and we’re seeing a real improvement in the quality of our students’ written responses.

I thought I’d share this year’s Weekly Writing Challenges for year 7-10 which include a retrieval practice starter which tests students on the ambitious vocabulary they learn as part of their homework. Feel free to use or adapt. Google Drive folder here.

Week One: Describe this room from the perspective of a bee.

perspective of a bee

Week Two: Budget cuts mean one subject must be cut from the curriculum: pick a subject and write a letter to the minister for education arguing why it should or shouldn’t be cut.

budget cuts

Week Three: Miss Scarlet murdered Mr Black in the library with poisoned ink. Write the final scene of a detective story where this crime is explained.

Miss Scarlet

Week Four: Write an essay on the title: My biggest fearbiggest fear

Week Five: He was timid and moved with caution. Continue describing this character.

He was timid

Week Six: What is the most important colour in the world and why? Write a persuasive speech.


Week Seven: Write the opening of a story that begins with this sentence: Last Friday began like any other day.

Last Friday

Week Eight: Write the text for a leaflet persuading people to visit Marwell Zoo to see their new animal.

MarwellWeek Nine: Write a description as suggested by this image.


Week Ten: ‘Spiders are our friends – if left alone, they will consume most of the insects in our homes’. Write a newspaper article arguing for or against this statement.


Week Eleven: Write a story that begins and ends with this sentence: Looking back, I didn’t mean to do it.

wwc 11



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