On set text Knowledge Organisers and Kahoot! quizzes

kahoot quizzes on set textsAt the end of last year we spent an English team meeting selecting the best bits from a variety of different Knowledge Organisers (an idea we introduced that was inspired by a blog post by Joe Kirby) and specifying what we thought was missing. This Summer I combined what we thought was the best of the best into one Knowledge Organiser for each of our set texts: Jekyll and Hyde, Macbeth and An Inspector Calls. My fantastic colleague, Linda Evans (@missljevans), then embarked upon creating Kahoot! quizzes that test the knowledge on our Knowledge Organisers (there are a few for each text with more to follow).

Alongside regular low stakes testing of the knowledge on these Knowledge Organisers with our 5-a-Day starters, we will also use these Kahoot! quizzes as part of our revision lessons and, best of all, students can self-quiz at home. All students need is an account and they can access them on a mobile phone anywhere and even play against friends.

We’d like to share both the Knowledge Organisers and the Kahoot! quizzes with you in the hope that it might save you time. You may notice that there are no quotations on the Knowledge Organisers – we’re going to do something separately with them.

Our set text Knowledge Organisers can be found here: GoogleDrive Folder

Our set text Kahoot! quizzes can be found by searching: MissLEvans

Thank you to everybody who has previously shared their Knowledge Organisers (e.g. on James Theo’s blog). If you see something that’s yours would you please let me know and I’ll credit you.



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